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BRA: Brazilian SuperLeague – CBV publishes tables for the next season

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source: cbv.com.br

Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV) announced the official table of the Super League. Eight teams will play in the quarter-finals, the semifinals will be played in three games for a place in the finals.



On 23rd of November, women’s league will start with five matches. The next day the men’s will start, also with five games.

The women‘s premier for the season 2012/2013 will have the following clashes in the first round on Nov. 23: Sesi-SP x EC Pinheiros (SP), Banana Boat / Praia Clube (MG) x Sao Bernardo Volei (SP), Unilever (RJ) x São Caetano (SP), Usiminas / Minas (MG) x Rio do Sul (SC), and Sollys / Nestlé (SP) x Volei Amil.

In the men’s premier, the first five games, scheduled for the 24th, are: Sao Bernardo Vollei (SP) x Sesi-SP, Funvic / Midia Fone (SP) x Volta Redonda (RJ), UFJF (MG) x RJX (RJ), Canoas (RS) x Super Imperatriz Vollei (SC), and Vivo / Minas (MG) x Sada Cruzeiro (MG).

The match between Medley / Campinas (SP) and Volei Futuro (SP) closes the round, on the 25th.

Total of 222 games will be played in the qualifying round.

The formula of the competition will be the same as in the previous edition. In the qualifying round, all teams will face each other. The best eight teams will qualify to the quarter finals, where they will play 1st x 8th placed, 2 x 7, 3rd x 6th and 4th x 5th, the system of three play-off matches.

In the semifinals, the teams will also play three games for the place in the final.

The scoring system will also be the same as used in the Superleague 2011/2012, which follows the rules adopted by the International Federation of Volleyball (FIVB). The win by 3 sets to 0 or 3 sets to 1 is worth three points. The loser does not win any points. The team that wins by 3 sets to 2 will add two points in the table, while the loser will score a point.

The tiebreaker will follow the following technical indexes: 1 – number of wins; 2 – sets average, 3 – average points; 4 – direct confrontation, and 5 – draw.

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