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FRA M: Rennes wants to forget Adrian Gontariu

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Rennes in tenth in the Ligue AM, early season is a disappointment. Adrian Gontariu and his teammates share the responsibility. They brought Oliver Venno to replace him. Thibault Mativet gave a statement.


Rennes – team

Gontariu is a good player but he wasn’t an a high physical level. However, I think he misunderstands the championship of France. He was wrong! And inconsistency has deceived us … For the team, the public and partners, we had to change” says Thibault Mativet, one of the co-chairs.

The Breton club has chosen Estonian Oliver Venno to replace him: “I know Raimo and Keith (Pajusalu and Pupart, his two fellow teammatest from the Estonian national team). Sure that their presence is important for my integration. This will allow me to get to know the club and quickly learn all the little things that make the life of a group. I am well aware that I replace a player who has not satisfied the club. My challenge is to do my best but I have little time to incorporate with the team. I want to play real volleyball games as I have done in Budva Montenegro in the Champions League. I need volleyball. After that, I will be getting betterVenno said.

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