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WL M: Julien Lyneel – We have potential

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France is preparing to face USA in this weekend's World League action. Julien Lyneel shared his thoughts on USA, Argentina, Bulgaria, Poland and France's chances in this group.


France – team

Julien, you weren’t too disappointed to end your holiday after being called to the national team?

(Laughs) No, on the contrary, it is always pride to represent your country.

You will play against great volleyball nations.

Argentina will do anything to win because it will host the finals. Brazil and the United States, they have great teams, we’ll have to give our best to get a good result.
What about Poland and Bulgaria. Do you have a chance?

There is always a chance. We are a fairly young team under construction. Despite two losses to Bulgaria, we showed that we have potential. We need to continue to be combative, aggressive, and to play as a team. We must be consistent if we want to make something happen.

The World League is a good preparation for the European Championship coming in September.

Yes, it is also a preparation for the European Championship. We hope to find our form.
You could have taken more points from the matches with Bulgaria?
We took one out of six. We liked to take a little more but we have to be satisfied with that and continue to hold your head high.
What about the United States, your next opponent?

This is apparently a fairly young team. We will try to strike a blow. They are young, just like us. You never know what might happen.
You personally had a good game. Laurent Tillie spoke highly of you.

I played well. I hope it lasts. I always give my best but I was very disappointed not to win. I would have preferred to be less efficient if it ment we would win two or three points.

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