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CRO: Laura Milos is the fourth outside spiker by stats in the French league

by WoV

The whole summer was the focus of the Croatian sports public, at least those who are in favor of volleyball, so that the interest in volleyball could be transferred to national championships with ‘long sleeves’. Laura Miloš, a 27-year-old outside spiker of the Croatian national team, immediately upon her return from the European Championships joined the club’s program, in French first league in club Saint Raphael, with whom she is working on the last year of her contract.

After the national team, I soon joined the club preparations, I only had four days off, so I didn’t really have time to rest. But I hope it won’t affect my form, at least until the end of the first part of the season, and I also have great communication with the coach so it’s getting easier.“

It obviously doesn’t affect, because Laura started great in the new season of the strong French first league, after seven rounds she is fourth in terms of the performance of all shooters in the league.

In fact, I am satisfied with the season, but only on an individual level, there were a few really good games, but what is it worth when we are in the middle of the table as a club, in the eighth position. I would always prefer to choose the second option if the team was better placed, and I might be less individually ranked. Although I have to say, our schedule was relentless at first, we played the first three rounds with clubs from the very top of the table. And we actually played well there, the games lasted as if we were playing six sets, we lost by a difference, but we lost. And we didn’t win a single point, which is all the result of our insufficient experience as a team. Luckily, it didn’t frustrate us too much.“

But you stood out with your games.

I continued to play at the level I was in the national team, used everything we did in the summer, and I am very grateful to the coach Santarelli. I gained a lot of confidence. By the way, I hope that he will continue to stay on the bench of our national team because I ‘clicked’ with him from the beginning, I really like his way of working, he has a vision, he has the knowledge, and he just ‘lay’ to me, and as a person and as a coach.“

Saint Raphael, currently holds the eighth position after seven rounds, with almost 3-4…

Now we have meetings with teams against which we have to win points. The schedule is very tight, the league part must be finished by the end of March because then the playoffs go, that’s why we play on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We want to go to the playoffs, where the first eight teams go, and I am convinced that we will win it.“

Although it is only the first part of the season, is Laura perhaps already thinking about the next one, given that her contract for the summer is expiring?

Of course, it is too early to think about it, but I will honestly tell you that I am thinking a bit about changing the environment, about leaving the French league. I think I have somehow outgrown this league, although, on the other hand, I really like life here and I am sure they would like me to stay at the club as well. But I always want more, and I’m never happy with what I’ve achieved, so I would like to try my hand at stronger leagues like Italy, Turkey, Russia… Volleyball is my life, I enjoy it, and I want to progress even more“ – says Laura honestly. appearances at the European Championships this summer are still fresh in the memory, especially since she is playing in France, a country whose national team knocked Croatia out of further competition in the round of 16.“

And if I want, I can’t forget the summer, the national team and that last defeat from France, which we still regret. But, at least I have a little satisfaction, I say half-jokingly, half in reality, because in the club their national team member plays with me in my position, who is my replacement, and whom I don’t let enter the field with my good games. Also, we have played so far with clubs where some of their national team players play, so we won, so that is a kind of balm for my wound,“ – laughs Laura, who points out that she is in contact with her national team teammates during the club season as well.

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