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FRA M: Best scorer of 19th round is ….Rossard

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Spacer's TOULOUSE Volley has defeated Arago de Sete in tie-break in 19th round and Thibault Rossard was the best scorer of the match with 25 points but also the entire round.

Thibault Rossard

Thibault Rossard

The top scorers of 19th round of the French league are:

Thibault Rossard (Toulouse) 25 points

Vladimir Nikolov (Lyon) 24

Jovica Simovski (Ajaccio) 24

Jan Hadrava (Nantes Reze) 23

Philip Schneider (Montpellier) 23

Marko Bojić (Paris) 22

Nikola Gjorgiev (Paris) 21

Guillermo Falasca  (Narbonne) 21

Jean Ndaki Mboulet  (Chaumont) 21

Dušan  Petković (AS Cannes) 20

Mathieu Kreisz (Tourcoing) 20

David Konecny (Tours) 20


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