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#IAMINBERLIN: Zenit will fight for the trophy!

by WoV

As expected, Zenit is the first finalist! They beat host team BR Volleys in front of fully packed Max Schmeling Hall 3-1 (26-24, 21-25, 25-22, 25-15).

BR Volleys - Zenit Kazan

BR Volleys – Zenit Kazan



Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
Semifinal 1 28. 03. 2015 17:00 Zenit Kazan vs Berlin Recycling Volleys 3:1 26:24; 21:25; 25:22; 25:15    
Semifinal 2 28. 03. 2015 20:00 Asseco Resovia Rzeszów vs PGE Skra Bełchatów 3:0 25:23; 25:23; 25:23  

15:25, Zenit’s triple block leads them to the final

15:23, Kuhner spikes, he didn’t want to set the ball

13:22 Leon serrves are making a lot of problems to Berlin

12:19, Shoji didn’t manage to receive strong spike by Mikhailov

12:18, Kromm was the man who took the point, than Mikhailov made mistake

10:18, New mistake of home team

10:16, Zenit has six points of lead and is very close to the final

9:15, Amazing block by Leon, one on one. Kuhner enters the games and replaces Shoji

9:14, Touzinsky sends ball out of bounds

9:13, Ace Sivozheles

9:12, Leon spike, block out

9:10, Sivozheles breaks good run of BErlin

9:10, Kromm continues scoring run, 3-0 for host team

8:10, Fischer and Carrol decrease the lead of Zenit

6:10, Matt Anderson takes the point over the block

5:9, Carrol on the other side scores a point

4:9, It was great point rally, Mikhailov finishes it from the zone 2

4:8, Achev is doing great job today. His point leads Zenit to the new four point lead

4:7, Misatake by Leon from service line

3:7, Superb ace by Leon, TO for Berlin

3:6, Great pipe of Leon, than block of Achev, Zenit has three points of advantage

2:2, Aschev scores from zone 2

1:1, Berlin takes the lead, than Shoji makes mistake from service line



22:25, Dunnes makes service mistake, and Zenit leads 2-1 in sets!

22:24, Sivozhelez touched the top of the net. Time-out Zenit. 

21:24, ACE!!! Leon!

21:23, Ashchev scores!

21:22, Very important video check by Berlin! Sivozhelez stepped on the 3rd meter line!

20:22, Kromm reduces the margin. 

19:22, Great serve by Kobzar, double contact Eric Shoji. 

19:21, Leon spikes above the block! Zenit goes on +2! Time-out Berlin.

19:20, Ashchev blocks Kmet!

19:19, Great defense of Eric Shoji, but Leon scores from the 3rd attempt. 

19:18, Kromm with strong and precise spike! Berlin takes the lead!

18:18, Carroll!!! What a spike!

17:18, Apalikov with service mistake. 

16:18, There is no defense for this spike of Leon. 

16:17, Long rally and a great action by K. Shoji and Carroll. 

15:17, So smart spike by Matt Anderson. 

15:16, Kawika Shoji answers to Marouf with amazing “drop”.

14:16, Very important video check by Alekno. The review has brought a point to Zenit. Second TTO. 

14:15, Carroll does not let Zenit to escape too far.

12:14, ACE!!! Leon again!

12:13, ACE!!! Leon! Zenit is in front again!

12:11, Mikhailov’s spike goes out, Berlin takes the lead!

10:10, Leon sends the ball out of bounds and the score is tied!

7:8, Mistake of the Kazan squad. Berlin is fastly approaching…

6:8, Carroll scores two in a row. 

4:8, Strong three-men block by Zenit. First TTO. 

3:7, Russian team is cruising in the 3rd set. 

2:6, Zenit has the better opening. Time out Berlin. 



25:21, Carroll scores and Berlin takes the 2nd set. The overall scored is tied to 1-1!

24:21, Anderson keeps Zenit alive. 

24:20, Bontje blocks Anderson!

23:20, Kromm scores with strong spike. 

22:20, Fantastic feint by Marouf. 

22:19, Bontje with strong block! Berlin has +3! Time out Zenit.

21:19, Big missunderstanding between Marouf and Anderson!

20:19, Berlin takes the lead! Anderson’s spike went out!

18:19, Berlin had a big chance, but Kmet spiked the ball out of bounds.

17:18, But, Marouf outsmarted the whole defense of Berlin once again. 

17:17, Leon sends the ball out of bounds! The score is tied!

16:17, Kmet blocks Leon 1-on-1!

14:17, Anderson with excellent serve, Kromm forced to spike into the net. 

14:16, Mikhailov scores again. Second TTO. 

13:15, Kawika Shoji with double contact. Zenit returns to +2.

13:13, Both teams a looking great in attack. 

11:11, Kmet is on fire, two consecutive points by middle blocker of Berlin. 

9:10, Miraculous point by Saeid Marouf.

9:9, Still tied.

8:8, Carroll with great spike, and Berlin ties the score. 

6:8, Mikhailov was unstoppable. Zenit has +2 at the first TTO. 

6:7, Kromm scores.

4:6, Carroll touches the net, while then Anderson scores. Zenit has +2. Time out Berlin.

4:4, ACE!!! Leon!

3:2, Home side still one point ahead. 

2:1, Berlin has the early lead. 



24:26, Carroll makes mistake on the net. Double contact! Zenit wins the 1st set!

24:25, Carroll got blocked! Ashchev and Kobzar made a perfect wall. Time out Berlin. 

24:24, Leon with great spike. 

24:23, Mikhailov makes mistake! He stepped on the 3rd meter line! Time out Zenit.

23:23, ACE!!! Kawika Shoji! Time out Zenit.

22:23, Carroll keeps the German side alive.

21:23, Berlin reduced the margin, but Leon is simply amazing today. What a spike!

20:22, Bomb by Leon! Zenit has +2 again! Time-out Berlin.

20:20, Carroll with strong spike!

19:20, Touzinsky ties the score, but Carroll makes a service mistake.

18:19, Mikhailov brings Zenit back in front.

18:18, Kromm ties the score!

17:18, But, Carroll reduces the deficit. 

16:18, Leon is now unstoppable, he nailed the ball to the floor with this spike.

15:17, But, Cuban star answers with a “cannon ball” spike.

15:16, Two mistakes by Leon! 

13:16, But, Zenit takes two in a row and goes to the 2nd TTO with +3!

13:14, Touzinsky scores with a great spike. 

11:13, One point per each side. 

10:12, ACE!!! Leon!

10:11, Berlin had a chance to make a total turnaround, but Anderson ended this great rally. 

10:10, Kromm blocks Leon, the score is tied again!

9:10, ACE!!! Kmet! 

7:10, Both teams are looking excellent in attack. 

5:8, Mikhailov scores again. This time by spike. Zenit has the lead on the first TTO.

4:7, ACE!!! Mikhailov! Zenit goes to +3.

3:5, Kromm got blocked, and Zenit has +2.

3:3, The score is still tied.

2:2, This time, Mikhailov and Kromm make points for their teams.

1:1, Leon and Carroll score first points on the match.  



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