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GER M: Getting to know: Nikola Jovovic

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VfB setter Nikola Jovovic plays since 2011 for the club from the Lake of Constance. Read more about latest volleyball news, games reports, and statistics on WorldofVolley.


Nikola Jovovic

In a short Interview the 20-year-old Serbian player talks about the responsibility he carries, the possibilities to develop further at VfB and the challenges resulting from the campaign in the 2013 CEV Volleyball Champions League.    

You have been playing for VfB FRIEDRICHSHAFEN since 2011. In the last season you were behind Juraj Zatko as second setter. This season the responsibility is mainly on your shoulders, how do you deal with it?

“I am very happy of course, but it is a snapshot. It is always better to be first than second setter. However, I have constantly to work on myself. I am happy that the coach trusts me to take on this task and I want to pay back his trust by performing as good as I can”.

You are 20 years old and have a big responsibility. Is it something difficult to stand?

“For me it’s good that I can take on this responsibility. This strengthens my confidence. Between me and Juraj there is a competition that does not affect us negatively, but rather in a positive way. We are also teammates and support each other, but in training each of us gives its best. I work a lot and it does not depend on age, but on the will”.

In the past week you lost to Knack ROESELARE. What are your thoughts about being compelled to claim the home match with the Belgians to make it to the Playoffs?

“Yes we have to win because ROESELARE is an opponent that we can beat. It is important for us to advance to the next stage of the competition. Even though Zenit KAZAN plays in a different league, we should definitely win against INNSBRUCK to have a minimum chance to get second place in the group. It is important that we do not put pressure on ourselves, but we stay relaxed”.

How do you want to achieve this goal?

“This past week we have talked a lot among us, more than we actually do. I believe that we have got rid of all problems and can concentrate on the game. Once we have a good communication with each other in the game, the atmosphere is good and we can play without pressure”.

Do you count on the spectators?

Of course I do. They always stand behind us and help us win our games. I hope we will not disappoint them and can celebrate with them our second win in the Champions League.

You need to focus on many competitions simultaneously – is it difficult?

This is our job. And it’s not difficult because ultimately we move from game to game and have to adjust to our next opponent. Of course it is more fun if the opponent is playing at our level and we have to work hard for a win. I love challenges and take them gladly”.  

How will you prepare for the game on Wednesday?

“Before the match I think a lot about tactics and the best way to set for my attackers. In the game itself, it is then important to concentrate and play and execute what you have agreed upon with your teammates. You can’t think about every ball, it must be an automatic reaction”.

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