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GRE M: Cup Final Four – Tips from coaches

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All of them would like to be in Rethymno to participate in the Cup Final Four - Men, but the teams did not succeed. The 7 coaches of other clubs in Volleyleague, gave their own estimates for two large semis, with the majority giving the advantage to Olympiacos and Foinikas.


Greek Cup

SAKIS MOUSTAKIDIS: “In a final four theoretically all results are open since the concept of favorite diminishes, on the other hand there are some constant values. Olympiacos is doomed to star, they have taken the League Cup and they certainly want the Cup.

Vrahati has experienced and good players. It is a group with high budget. They were not involved in the final four of the League and they want to make a reasonable distinction. It is an open game with a slight edge of Olympiakos.”

For Iraklis the participation in the final four is success. I believe that boys from Iraklis want to prove that this jersey is heavy. Syros had problems, but they want a title and I think and they got a slight edge. All groups, however, have their own motivation.

STELIOS KAZAZIS: “Favourite for the Cup is Olympiacos. But in the semifinal Vrahati should try very hard against an opponent who will surely play much more freely than Olympiacos.

Regarding another couple, Syros has the lead, but if you look at the matches of the last two months, Iraklis has shown that he’s capable of surprise.

GEORGE GIATSIS: “For the couple Iraklis – Foinikas, despite being knocked out in previous games and playing a big role in the concentration of each set, I think Iraklis would complicate considerably the game for Foinikas.”

The same goes for the Olympic since the Reds have proven to be the best team this year. Beyond the surprises that can occur not invalidate a team that is the favorite“.

COSTAS ARSENIADIS: “Olympiacos is the best team and any different outcome will be a surprise.”

At the other couple has the Foinikas has the advantage, but it is not so clear. Iraklis has not lost anything from an important victory, while Foinikas does not seem to be in good condition.

GIANNIS MELKAS: “The absolute favorite is to organize the Olympiacos of course and has the first word and the semifinal with Vrahati. However, if Vrahati keeps good rates then the attack will be derby.”

In another couple Foinikas is better. Iraklis is not focused 100%.

GEORGE BAKODIMOS: “Starting from the couple FoinikasIraklis, I believe that the Foinikas has the lead. Their team is motivated and wants to prove something. Iraklis on the other has no stress, and this is very important, but I think this year they have the potential to make it.”

In another couple, there is a big favorite for not only the Cup, but the tournament – naturally Olympiacos. Vrahati is an ambitious team with very good organization, but the better team is the Olympiacos.

CHRISTOS NTOZIS: “The couple Foinikas – Iraklis is a theoretical superiority of Foinikas. They have vindicated the prevailing expectations for this year, but they have experienced players and I think Iraklis will have their mind more on the league.”

The other couple is more ambiguous although Olympiacos has a lead. As a team, the Reds are best to serve, block, but the Cup has its own peculiarities and hope to vindicate the reputation of the institution of surprises.

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