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Italy: Fidia Padova – Marmi Lanza Verona 29.01.2012

by WoV
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Fidia Padova - Marmi Lanza Verona 29.01.2012, PAST ENCOUNTERS: 11 (7-4 Verona)


Marco Zingaro


Marco Zingaro (Fidia Padova): “A very important game we’ll have to face with composure.

Gonzalez and Simeonov are still doubtful but we should not worry about that.

In Trento we proved this team could get points against anyone.

So we’ll use our strengths against Verona to get away from the danger zone and I am sure we’ll have a good game and will be capable of getting a result.

Obviously, it won’t be easy but it never happens anyway to have an easy game in this league”.

Bruno Bagnoli (coach Marmi Lanza Verona): “The trip to Padova represents another opportunity to show the progress made and get more points, although we have to keep in mind how strong and motivated will be our opponent. I am happy to go back to Padova, I have great friends in the club and had good relationships with the fans and media as well”.

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