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Italy: Serie A2 Sustenium Round 21

by WoV
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Club Italia Roma – Crazy Diamond Segrate. Club Italia slipped to 13th in the league and are looking to turn things around. Not easy against Segrate still in the chase for top spot, they’re four points behind.


Sir Safety Perugia

Globo Banca Popolare del Frusinate Sora – Energy Resources Carilo Loreto. Beaten in the last round by the leaders Perugia, coach Porro will make his home debut against Loreto, standing just one point behind after back to back three-point victories.

NGM Mobile Santa Croce – Edilesse Conad Reggio Emilia. Santa Croce still has to get a three-point win in this second half of season. Four tie-breaks in five games so far (2w-2l). They want the three points at all cost against Reggio Emilia, which run was stopped by Atripalda in the last round. 

Gherardi SVI Città di Castello – Sidigas Atripalda. Città di Castello’s progress towards the top was hindered last week by Genova. They want to bounce back against Atripalda, which is on the up.

Carige Genova – BCC-NEP Castellana Grotte. Up to seventh, Genova is going for a fourth consecutive win against Castellana Grotte, which want to stay close to the leaders.

Cassa Rurale Cantù – Sir Safety Perugia. The league leaders want to stay where they are as they take on bottom of the league Cantù, beaten in the last three rounds.

CheBanca! Milano – Pallavolo Molfetta. Four points separate the two teams. It’s sixth against fourth as there are three crucial points at stake to stay in the leading pack.

Cicchetti Isernia – Caffè Aiello Corigliano. Isernia will line up new signing Ali Alp Çaiyr, who arrived this week. He will make his full debut abroad. Corigliano failed to get a point in the last three games.  

Round 21, Serie A2 Sustenium

Saturday January 28 at 8.30pm

Club Italia Roma – Crazy Diamond Segrate

Sunday january 29 at 4pm

Globo Banca Popolare del Frusinate Sora – Energy Resources Carilo Loreto  Live on Sportitalia 2

Sunday January 29 at 6pm

NGM Mobile S.Croce – Edilesse Conad Reggio Emilia

Gherardi SVI Città Di Castello – Sidigas Atripalda

Carige Genova – BCC-NEP Castellana Grotte

Cassa Rurale Cantù – Sir Safety Perugia

CheBanca! Milano – Pallavolo Molfetta

Cicchetti Isernia – Caffè Aiello Corigliano

League table

Sir Safety Perugia 46,
BCC-NEP Castellana Grotte 45,
Crazy Diamond Segrate 42,
Pallavolo Molfetta 40,
Gherardi SVI Città Di Castello 39,
CheBanca! Milano 36,
Carige Genova 35,
Globo Banca Pop. Frusinate Sora 34,
Energy Resources Carilo Loreto 33,
NGM Mobile S.Croce 29,
Caffè Aiello Corigliano 27,
Cicchetti Isernia 21,
Club Italia Roma 20,
Sidigas Atripalda 12,
Edilesse Conad Reggio Emilia 11,
Cassa Rurale Cantù 10

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