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ITA: City of Perugia and Jack Sintini organize humanitarian Minivolley tournament

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The city of Perugia opens its doors and its heart for the first stage of the MINIVOLLEY tournament "City of Perugia together with Jack". Its mission is to raise funds for research of Leukemia and Lymphoma, and assistance to the oncology hematology field.


City of Perugia together with Jack

An event, or rather a dream to be fullfilled, in which the Santa Giuliana stadium in Perugia will be transformed into a huge open-air and indoor stadium where children become the real stars of the scene, with their enthusiasm and their hopes, they can nurture their dreams.

This event will be organised by Association Giacomo Sintini and will be an event of Sport, Fun and Moral Values.

The world of sport has the power and duty to be close to those who are less fortunate. With our joy and our energy we can make a difference and lend a hand to those who are struggling against a disease that is one of the toughest opponents you’ll ever meet.

+ Together is Easy! Take the field with us!

Jack Sintini

Association Giacomo Sintini

IBAN: IT 45 P 05 704 03000 000000031354

On June 1, 2011 Giacomo Sintini, the famous Italian player was diagnosed with a malignant lymphoma stage four. He was 32, in the prime of life and his career. He had to undergo to 7 cycles of chemo-therapy and then to a self-bone marrow transplantation. He owes his life to many factors, one of which is the great ability of physicians who assisted him. The medicine is making huge strides in the treatment of these diseases through research. The hematology and oncology is constantly developing and can improve again…….

With his association Sintini wants to stay in the forefront and not to forget what these people have done for him!

Association Giacomo Sintini Facebook page

Giacomo Santini’s official Facebook page

Contact mail: Associazionegs@gmail.com

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