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Italy: Casa Modena – Fidia Padova

by WoV
source: legavolley.it

PAST ENCOUNTERS: 75 (61-14 Modena)

Casa Modena

Casa Modena

Daniele Bagnoli (coach Casa Modena): “Padova is an experienced and dangerous team that is playing excellent volleyball. Respecting them is a minimum, we know that will be a very difficult game. We need points, we do not think about the cup at all right now, we’re coming off two league defeats and have various physical problems which have stopped us from training properly but we have to get back to winning anyway. And in order to win we have to play at our level, be consistent and focus on what we’re doing on our side of the net. It’s time to make it happen on court”. 

Paolo Montagnani (coach Fidia Padova): “It would be pretentious to say we’re going to Modena to win. We want to play well and if possible even better than against Ravenna. The main target is to play a good game against an extremely strong team. We’ll see if Modena lets us manoeuvre a little bit, and if they do, it will be up to us to take advantage. Gonzalez and Simeonov are not hundred percent yet but we’re monitoring them carefully, hopefully they’ll soon be back at their level”.

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