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ITALY Serie A1: The Roma Volley-Juantorena case, President Mosna speak out

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source: legavolley.it author: Francesco Segala

Itas Diatec Trentino: Trentino president Mosna gave his point of view on the controversial serve done by Juantorena at the end of the game against Roma, which has been considered a lack of respect from the club of the capital.


Itas Diatec Trentino

I was sincerely concerned about the disappointment from Roma expressed by its coach – said Mosna I watched carefully the episode and I wanted to know the opinion of my staff and Juanterena. It was confirmed that it was a technical serve that the player is used to working on in training and which his teammates probably thought he would never have tried in a game.

Considering it was the last point, and that his serve had made the difference between the two teams, he decided to serve ala ‘Korean’. It’s undeniable this decision can be criticised given the particular moment chosen, it could have been avoided. I’d like however to underline the fact that our player realised a serve that not many players are capable of doing (not a simple scoop serve like some suggested). And I know that the player has explained why he tried it and also apologised to the Roma players and staff”. 

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