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ITA M: Giuliani – “I can not wait to see Stoychev…”

by WoV

Coach Alberto Giuliani gave an interview for bgvolleyball.com, in which he spoke about many things, including his relationship with Radostin Stoychev.

Giuliani and Stoychev

Giuliani and Stoychev

Recall that Italian newspapers “Libero” wrote that Giuliani described Stoychev as overrated coach, while some time later Bulgarian answered to him

However, it seems that Italian media just pumped up things, and that there is no conflict between two excellent coaches…

“Those words have been taken out of the context! My relationship with Radostin Stoychev is not bad. It is quite opposite! I can not wait to see him in person and clarify the situation” said Giuliani


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Observer July 23, 2014 - 9:43 am

Giuliani needs to get a life, and some therapy before that.


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