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ITA M: A1/A2 System: Effect of crisis, from 30 to 24 teams at the start?

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It closed today at 12 the terms to settle documents for entry to the championship of A1 and A2 System for next season, the 2012/13.



The agreement on the team is falling out came quite naturally. It will be like a competition with 14 teams as last year, which will now only be 12 teams. It will probably happen after withdrawal the team Roma and probably the team Belluno.

The team from the capital yesterday made an official public statement from the owner Mezzaroma. The question now is what will happen to Sisley Benetton team to have clinched the title after the owners decision to shut down the team after 25 years.

The situation in San Giustino team is something different. The team owner Sciurpa found a way to secure contracts to players and the team continue to compete in the same community.

From Modena arrived notice at the press conference where the Giuliano Grani explained why he left the team and that now the sole owner of the team is Pietro Peia.

The A2 where 16 teams from last year you could switch to a championship in 12.
Series A (A1 + A2) which would be increased gradually from 30 to 24 teams.

Possible teams starts in A1

1) Macerata
2) Trent
3) Cuneo
4) Modena
5) Latin
6) Piacenza
7) Vibo Valentia
8) Verona
9) Ravenna (the right of Monza)
10) Altotevere Umbro (new company with the right of San Guistino)
11) Perugia
12) Castellana Grotte

Possible teams starts in A2

1) Padua (downgraded from A1)
2) Molfetta
3) Città di Castello
4) Sora
5) Monza (Former Milan)
6) Loreto
7) Atripalda (title of Santa Croce that withdraws in A2)
8) Corigliano
9) Power Picena (newly promoted B1 gir. B)
10) Matera (newly promoted B1 gir. C)
11) Cavriago (rescued) – Newly promoted merger with Correggio





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