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ITA M: Polish receiver the best scorer of 21st round

by WoV

Cucine Lube Treia celebrated 15th win in Serie A1 but in the last match they finished its match after five sets. The Polish receiver Bartosz Kurek was the best scorer of the match but also in the whole 21st round.

Bartosz Kurek


In the list of the best scorers he is on the 25th place with 214 points in 59 sets.

Best scorers of 21st round

1.Bartosz Kurek (Lube Treia) 23 points

2. Mitja Gašparini (Calzedonia Verona) 22 points

3. Alessandro Fei (Lube Treia) 21 points

4. Uroš Kovačević (Parmareggio Modena) 20 points

5. Rafail Koumentakis (CMC Ravenna) 20 points

6. Padura Diaz Williams (Vero Monza) 19 points

7. Martin Nemec (Trentino) 18 points

8. Svetoslav Gotsev (Vero Moonza) 17 points

9. Jacopo Botto  (Vero Monza) 17 points

10.Taylor Sander (Calzedonia Verona) 16 points


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