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ITA M: The Civitanova brawl – Priddy and Christenson vs. Atanasijevic and De Cecco (VIDEO)

by WoV

It is just happening in the games of huge importance that even a world-class players lose their heads for a moment...



While Bruno Rezende and Matey Kaziyski had their own clash in the match between Modena and Trentino, a very similar situation occurred in Civitanova where players of Lube and Perugia ended up in a brawl in the third set.

William Priddy and Micah Christenson were the loudest in the home team, while Aleksandar Atanasijević and Luciano De Cecco did not hesitate to answer back from the other side of the net. The second referee had to stand between the two sides in order to prevent any physical contact.

Still, this incident simply could not ruin a spectacular volleyball show that lasted for 5 sets! At the end, Lube managed to defeat Perugia and to take this series into the Game 4. 



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m April 23, 2016 - 4:13 pm

we used to say American players are role models!!! looks like we can’t call them that anymore!


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