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ITA M: Italian VF says it did everything it could to help Marshall change his sports nationality…

by WoV
source: Photo: twitter.com/volleypiacenza

After LPR Piacenza shot poisonous arrows at Italian Volleyball Federation in regard to so-called Marshall case, the most important body of Italian volleyball had to react...



Italian Volleyball Federation issued an official note related to the case of changing sports nationality of Cuban player Leonel Marshall, which was requested by Piacenza, explaining its point of view.

„According to regulations, approved two years ago by the Board of Directors of the FIVB (International Volleyball federation), there are two types of International Transfers… “The second type (which applies to Piacenza’s request) concerns the ‘Changing Federation of Origin’ and it is a permanent change of sports nationality that always requires the permission of the original federation, the federation accepting the player and payment of a fee. Unlike the annual ITC (the first type of International Transfers  – International Transfer Certificate – when FIVB can make exception if either of these requirements are missing), if one of the two federations does not give the consent, the FIVB cannot grant the change of sports nationality in any way,” Italian VF explained.

“Remember that the country which makes the first volleyball registration of a player (in this case Cuba) determines the sports nationality of a player. This is why Italian citizenship is not enough for Leonel Marshall to be automatically registered as Italian player. In recent months, after verifying all the documentation required, we repeatedly asked the FIVB to obtain the agreement of the Cuban Federation for the change of sports nationality of Marshall. Since it was not approved by the Cuban Federation, the only possible solution has been to proceed with the ITC and allow Marshall to play in the Italian league as a foreign player” Italian VF added.

Italian VF also expressed surprise with the conduct of Piacenza who unfairly accused it for not doing its best to let Marshall play as Italian.


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