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ITA M: Città di Castello unstoppable, Corigliano swept

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Four game played, same story every time: 3-0 win for Città di Castello. This time they swept Corigliano. Read latest volleyball news on Worldofvolley.com.


Citta di Castello

Not even Corigliano could have a say in the matter as Città di Castello will go back home with another 3 points and the guarantee to stay top of the table. Except for the 2-6 start to the second set, Radici’s boys have always been in full control.

CAFFE’AIELLO CORIGLIANO – Gherardi SVI Città di Castello 0-3

CAFFE’AIELLO CORIGLIANO: Fabroni 1, Giombini 5, Marretta 6, Van Garderen 7, Tomasello 6, Bortolozzo 4, Smerilli (L), Santucci, Padura Diaz 9, Paris, Smith. DNP.: Casciaro, Sperandio. Coach. Jeliazkov.

GHERARDI SVI: Visentin 3, Van Walle 16, Rosalba 11, Fromm 10, Piano 5, Braga 5, Tosi (L), Massari, Carminati, Franceschini 1. Coach. Radici.

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