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AVC M: Saham prevails over Maldives

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The volleyball team of Saham (Oman) prevailed over the team from Maldives in the second day of Asian Club Chamnpionship with the result 3-1. Head coaches from Oman and Maldives shared their thoughts.


Oman – Maldives

The head coach of Saham commented: “It was an important match and we had the average performance. My team didn’t take rest enough and couldn’t balance themselves with the circumstance. We need more time.” On the performance of Maldives, he said: “They played well, but the key to our success were focusing more on defense and serve.” About the next game against Japan he said: “Our goal is to win them. We will turn our tactics and technics in front of them.

The head coach of Maldives had to say: “I enjoyed playing against Oman and we learned a lot. Omani’s players were better than ours on defense. We should work more on our serves if we want to get better results. I’m pleased with my players and I hope to play better tomorrow as today than yesterday. Our goal in this tournament is to add to our experience. We came to this tournament with our 18 and 19-year-old players.

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