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CHN M: Shanghai in series, Jakovljević debut with 14 points

by WoV

Once again Shanghai has celebrated victory in the winner stage of the Chinese league for men.

Nikola in attack Nemanja (4) in block

Nikola in attack Nemanja (4) in block

Today,  Shanghai has defeated Beijing;  Nikola Kovačević was the best scorer with 20 points while on the other side William Price scored 27 points and the Serbian receiver Nemanja Jakovljević had debut and scored 14 points.

Sichuan also has scored new victory but this time in straight sets over Henan. The top scorer in the winning team was Romanian receiver Bogdan Olteanu with 19 points. 

In derby match of the 7th round Jiangsu was better than  Shandong and Xiangdong was MVP with 28 points.


Game Date/Time Teams Set Result per set Stats Videos
  11. 01. 2015 16:00 Fujian Men’s Volleyball Club vs Bayi 0:3 15:25; 25:27; 18:25    
  11. 01. 2015 16:00 Shandong vs Jiangsu 1:3 25:22; 21:25; 23:25; 22:25    
  11. 01. 2015 16:00 Sichuan vs Henan 3:0 25:23; 25:18; 25:15  
           11. 01. 2015 16:00 Shanghai Tangdynasty           vs Beijing Sport VB Association 3:1 25:19; 19:25; 25:19; 25:20    

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