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WL M: Bartosz Kurek – We must remain positive

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Bartosz Kurek shared his thoughts after the second loss against Brazil in the World League 2013. To read more latest volleyball news visit worldofvolley.com


Poland – team

You couldn’t maintain a high level of play from the third and fourth set in the tie-break. What happened?

First of all, we had a good game from the start of the meeting. But Brazil played really hard.

Will you learn something from these defeats?

We will watch it and try to learn from the mistakes that we made. In the first set, but we were close to victory. I play for the team and not for my own statistics. We have a good team and we can get better.

There was a difference between Friday and Sunday’s game, and despite the defeat, you can be optimistic.

Of course we have to stay positive. The team as a whole played a lot better.

Did Anastasi point out some specific moments?

We saw our biggest mistakes or what we done exceptionally. Coach showed us that, because you can’t see everything on the field.

Was the atmosphere in Lodz better than in Warsaw?

The atmosphere was good both in Warsaw and Lodz. Everyone has individual feelings. For me, the bigger problem is the logistics and movement between the two cities. But somehow we managed.

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