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Getting to know: Atomic girl Izabela Belcik

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Izabela Belcik is one of Poland’s Volleyball heroines. She has been playing for the likes of Atom Trefl SOPOT since 2010 and is the only one who is still there since the team first debuted in the country’s first division.



Born in 1980 in Malbork, Belcik started her career with one of Poland’s best youth Volleyball clubs, Gedania GDANSK. Though she is a great setter, she has played for only four clubs throughout her career as she does not really like changing team season after season. 
“There weren’t that many changes since the start of my career” she says. “I spent five years with Gedania and then I moved for another two to Pila. I stayed with Muszynianka MUSZYNA from 2006 through 2010 and since that year I have been playing for Atom Trefl SOPOT, so this is my fourth straight season here. Every time I moved to a different team, I thought about the possibility of going abroad, but it is hard to change. What is more, for a setter, you need to find a stable club where you can play regularly” she explains. 

Belcik is the captain of Atom Trefl SOPOT, Poland’s national champions for the last couple of years. “I am the only player who is still here from the group that was put together by the time that Atom Trefl started playing for the highest goals and joined the first division of the national league. Some people say that I am the symbol of this team but this definition is a little too pompous in my opinion. I am happy with being here and especially because I am given the opportunity to fight for the medals. I like Pomerania, I feel great here, so there is nothing that I can complain about” she continues. “My home town is only 45 minutes by car from here, so I am very close to my family. I also have my own flat in this neighborhood, so I think that I may stay here in Sopot.”

Though she is 33, Volleyball is still a source of happiness and Belcik is hungry for more success. “I still enjoy playing Volleyball. I like the rivalry, and I always want to win. Success is what gives you extra motivation so as to work harder every single day.”

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