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Alekno – “It’s not easy to play in Zenit, there is no space for a mistake”

by WoV
source: Photo: zenit-kazan.com

Zenit Kazan won the trophy of the Russian national Cup and here is what the head coach Vladimir Alekno says about it:

Vladimir Alekno

Vladimir Alekno

I’m glad that we won the trophy, because I was concerned about the internal state of the team, the physical shape before the start of the Club World Championship. Simply, the guys are not in the best physical condition. This victory is an indicator of a strong character. Kuzbass showed a good performance. For us, the second place would be a failure. It’s not easy to play for in Zenit, because there is nor space to make a mistake. I have to agree that Matt Anderson played well, but I have to praise the whole team,” says Alekno.


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