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SRB W: Crvena zvezda extended final series

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Crvena zvezda managed to hold of NIS Spartak and win in the Serbian League finals fourth game 0:3. The new champion will be decided in the fifth game, Zvezda will be the host. The top scorers were Raonic, Trnic, Cveticanin, Helic, Medic, Т. Matic.


Spartak – zvezda

Zvezda’s players tried to start the game calmly but it was clear that they were under pressure which resulted in Spartak’s lead on both technical time outs (8:6, 16:14). Soon after that it was 20:15 for the hosta and Kecman started playing, scored four points and led 1:7 series. Spartak had a set point (24:23), but Zvezda scored three points to win this part.

Zvezda continued in the same rhythm in the second set (0:3, 4:7, 7:9), but when Raonic was on the serve, Spartak made a 6:0 series and took the lead 13:9. The host had a four point lead two times late in the set 19:15, 22:18, but then Zvezda scores 5 times 22:23. It was point for point game, and Bjelica scored the winning point 29:31, Spartak had three set points.

Spartak managed to make a comeback after being down in the two previous matches, but they didn’t manage to do that this time. The host was leading 9:5, Zvezda tied the score 10:10. Spartak was again leading on the second technical time out 16:14, but Zvezda then scored four points for 16:18. The red and white had three point lead 18:21, Spartak managed to come to 22:22 but it was all it could do. Bjelica brought the victory to her team with three straight points, two attacks and one ace.

NIS Spartak Crvena zvezda 0:3 (24:26, 29:31, 22:25)

NIS Spartak: Raonic 10, Trnic 7, Cveticanin 6, Helic 17, Medic 8, Т. Matic 11, Memisevic , Antanasijevic, Oluic. Didn’t play: Vujcin, Radakov, D. Matic. Coach: Damir Petkovic.

Crvena zvezda: Popovic 10, Bjelica 14, Stevanovic 11, Kecman 11, Lukic 12, Milovic 4, Pusic. Didn’t play: Budrovic, Marinkovic, Vojnic-Purcar, Simic, Kubura. Coach: Ratko Pavlicevic.

The fifth game will be played on Friday, 18:00 local time.

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