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SRB M: “I worked with the greatest players in the world” said Kolaković

by WoV
source: actuvolley.com

As we already wrote, Igor Kolaković is not longer the head coach of the men’s national volleyball team of Serbia. But, he can not forget nine wonderful years which he spent in the currently eighth best team in the world.

Igor Kolakovic


In interview for actuvolley.com. he said:

It’s an unforgettable time, filled with medals, victories and defeats. With Volleyball Federation of Serbia I had the best possible working conditions and also full support. This period accounts for 20% of my life and it was very emotional. I worked with the greatest players in the world, which I learned a lot and try to teach of my philosophy of life and work. The younger generations have come and I have witnessed of their development as  players, but also people. They arrived as children and now some are parents. All are great people, great players and patriots. All together, we had a sense of belonging to a family that will miss me a lot. On the other hand, the eight medals make me proud to be a member of this great team” said Igor Kolaković.

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