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NED M: Horstink – “I like Turkey”

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The Dutch player from Ziraat Bankasi, Robert Horstink said for the Turkish media that he is very happy in Turkey and that he enjoys every day.


Robert Horstink

Former national player of the Netherlands is member of Ziraat Bankasi which is currently the sixth on the table:

“Turkish volleyball is at a high level. And what is more important the Turkish volleyball`s think about the future. Leagues such as Italy and Poland are now on the same level as Turkish league and many good players have come to Turkey because of the finance. That tells us how all progressed”.

What do you think about Ziraat?

“Ziraat is a very professional team; we have good working conditions and the chance to advance. I have nice teammates and all people from the club are friendly nice. Quality of people in the team is very high. In short, I`m very happy to be a part of this club because everything is going well”

What can you say about Turkey and Turkish people in general?

“I love the Turkish people. Turkey as a country is very beautiful and impressive. There are many Turkish citizens living in the Netherlands so I now that Turkish people have a big hearts.” said Robert and adds:

“Ankara is beautiful but the only problem is the traffic jam. Every time when I go to see my friends I always get in the crowd and that`s the only thing that bothers me. Everything else is great”


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