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CEV CUP W: Kosheleva – “Coach of Galatasaray showed middle finger to me!”

by WoV
source: instagram.com/kosheleva11; Photo: Dinamo Krasnodar/sports.ru

The absence of Tatyana Kosheleva was definitely one of the main reasons why Dinamo Krasnodar suffered defeat from Galatasaray Daikin İstanbul in the first leg of the CEV Cup finals.



But, Kosheleva was present in Turkey, watching her teammates from the stands and cheering for them. From that perspective she could see how Turkish fans were behaving during the match and she was appalled!

“Today was the first match of the CEV Cup finals between my team and the Turkish club Galatasaray. All my life I had respect and loved for everyone in our big world. For me the skin color, religion and country do not matter. I believe that we should always respect each other, but what I saw today in the game, frightened and shocked me,” Kosheleva has written on her Instagram profile after the match.

“Fans of the Turkish team were more than inappropriate, their words and gestures showed all the hatred toward us. Garbage flew on our heads from the stands! And the biggest shock was when the head coach of Galatasaray (Ataman Güneyligil) showed his middle finger to me and the staff our team.  After this, I want to say that people should not forget that this is a sport which should bring joy, excitement, support, and not what I saw today. Let’s be kinder, more cultured and just believe in our team,” star player of Krasnodar emphasized.


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Ali Y March 30, 2016 - 12:13 pm

She is simply not telling the truth, at least completely. I was sitting just above russian statisticians. It all started in the second set. We just saw that Coach Ataman desperately pointing someone to the refrees. We looked down and saw kosheleva. Before, we did not know that she came to istanbul. Therefore, nobody knew what happened initially between the coach and kosheleva. Afterwards, Krasnodar won the second set. Kosheleva and the russian statisticians came from toiletts I think. Along the way, she and the small blond one just looked straightly to the fans and smiling, shaking heads etc. the other two statisticians walked directly and never reacted to anything to avoid contacting with the fans. Kosheleva and that blond statisticians did that all match long. A frightened lady should not act like this. She was more interested in the fans than the match. Many turkish citizens are not happy about russian plane downing. A lot of russians were coming to turkey for holidays, many russians are married to turkish. So there is no hatred between turkish and russians citizens in general. Yes, there are some young, ottoman lovers in turkey and between Galatasaray fans. However, they can not recognize kosheleva, they are in fact football fans. Nobody reacted to the other two statisticians. Kosheleva and the blonde one should first think about it. Nobody reacted the beautiful russian ladies fighting for the trophy in the area. Just kosheleva and the the blond statistician. Maybe, just these two feel themselves as real russian as the young fans feel themselves as the real turkish. Besides, Galatasaray women basketball team played with Ekaterinburg third times. Nothing happened, just basketball.

Ali Y March 30, 2016 - 1:50 pm

As far as I learnt from the turkish media, Coach Guneyligil complaint to the refrees about kosheleva sitting among statisticians and informing her teammates about the coach’s tactics. It may be reasonable, beacuse GS won two sets easily where kosheleva stayed the opposite side. Krasnodar won the other two sets where kosheleva saw coach’s tactics from behind. I have no idea if this may affect the game or not… So there is nothing about being russian…

Seokheon March 30, 2016 - 3:13 pm

There are some places where are too much unusual. I think Istanbul is one of those. The fans of Galatasaray are violent too much… There have been many accidents as we know…

Unbelievable March 30, 2016 - 7:40 pm

Some arguments here are so lame–one-sided and biased.
Fair play should absolutely include the [intentional] mistakes made by linesmen and the main referee(s). I’m not saying ‘cheating,’ but almost all who watched the match had this thought unfortunately!


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