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Turkey: Eczacibasi Vitra sweep Vakifbank Turk Telekom

by WoV
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In the second derby of the day, Vakifbank Turk Telekom met Eczacibasi Vitra in Istanbul Burhan Felek Volleyball Hall. Eczacibasi Vitra won the match 3:0.


Eczacibasi Vitra

Vakifbank set a pace to 6:2 as Eczacibasi was having an early time out, afterwards, neslihan Darnel took the stage as Oranges caught up rival at 10, Mirka Francia contibuted well and locals requested a time out either 12:14. After Leading second break 13:16, Eczacibasi did not make simple mistakes like their opponent did, seized set 20:25 at the end.

Nothing was good for home side in second set, once Mirka started serving, Vakifbank TT was not able to receive, could not set effective attacks to 2:12, home team’s Italian born coach Giovanni Guidetti identified Songul Gulsoytrak as the new libero instead of Gizem Guresen, guest staff finished the set 17:25.

Host changed the rotation and some players in third set, this made them a little bit competitive 7:8, they followed opposite so close at the second mandatory stop 15:16. Even though Vakifbank tried different players in remaining part of the set, but it did not work as Eczacibasi snatched the set 19:25, match over 0:3. 

Hall: Burhan Felek
Referees: Ilhami Senyurt, Esat Danzili
Vakifbank Turk Telekom: Nikolic, Melis, Gozde, Glinka, Bahar, Ozge, Gizem(L), Nilay, Furst, Songul, Guldeniz, Ergul
Eczacibasi Vitra: Esra, Busra, Neslihan, Mirka, Poljak, Elif, Gulden(L), Buse, Usic, Asuman
Sets: 20-25, 17-25, 19-25
Duration: 75 min. (25-26-24)

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