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Extreme Fitness for Volleyball

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Extreme fitness for volleyball depends on a dedication to strength training. There is no way around it. Strength training is required to be able to power hit the ball on the court, jump at tremendous heights, and deliver powerful serves. It is also required to reduce the risk of injury while playing this high impact sport. The best method for extreme fitness for volleyball is periodized strength training. WorldofVolley brings you the latest volleyball news.



Periodized strength training means that you have to change something about your training program every so often. Most volleyball players work from a one year periodized training cycle, broken down into four cycles. The four cycles are in-season, pre-season, post-season and off-season. During each cycle, the training program is changed to reflect that season’s goals. A training program should include strength training as well as cross training and cardio.

The goal for the season workouts is to maintain goals set in the off season and pre season. During the pre season, the goal is sport functions such as squatting, jumping, stepping, hitting and spiking. The off season goal is to build power and strength. Essentially, the pre season puts that power and strength to use, and the in season goal is to maintain what you have built in the off season and pre season. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to show off what you’ve accomplished in the in season either.

The post season goals are rest and repair. Low intensity work outs are necessary to allow the body time to repair itself from the damage naturally done to muscle during intense strength training. It is a time of rest and relaxation, preparing the body for the intense extreme fitness for volleyball that will come with the off season strength training.

While periodized strength training is an important part of the extreme fitness for volleyball process, you have to consider other areas of training as well. Cardio exercise is necessary to increase endurance and resistance, as well as keep your heart healthy. You may also want to consider cross training in something such as track or swimming to help build endurance and maintain stamina.

You will also want to have a well balance, high protein, low fat, low carb diet that is designed to keep your body lean and your muscles building. Hydration is also an important factor. Supplements can also be used to help build muscle mass and maintain strength during training.

In the end, you should follow a periodized strength training program, complete with cardio and cross training. This should be supplemented by diet and hydration, as well as a period of rest in the off season. If you follow this type of program you will be certain to succeed in extreme fitness volleyball.

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