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SRB W: Vargas chooses to play for Serbia National Team?

I find this a little unfair to other teams (Germany, Poland, Belgium etc.) because after a few years those teams will be probably play head to head with the Serbian National TEAM. But if Vargas plays for the Serbia Team then they will be stronger than those teams and it also sounds a little unfair to me. If any team will face to Serbia TEAM in final and will be defended by Vargas' performance, of course some or most of us will find it quite unfair and we all will be pissed off. I dont want Vargas to play for any National TEAM. Reply

EuroVolleyU20M: Serbia bounce back from 0-2 vs Czechs, Belgium stun France

'Italy surprisingly easily defeated Poland (3-0)' – LOL, since when 26–24, 29–27 is considered easy? Not to say Italy is the reigning U19 World Champion while Poland not only did not qualify to the World Championship but was also 13th in the U18 European Championship, so it's not a surprise for Poland to lose it . Do not confuse senior national team with the youth ones as there is a very small chance to have great, talented players every 2 years. Reply

SRB W: Vargas chooses to play for Serbia National Team?

Re: @aerler
I love how you put in one sentence Paola Egonu and Ismailoglu like it was the same.Hahahaha Meliha Ismailoglu or real surname for now Smajlovic is born in Bosnia and came to Turkey to play for money.Yeah i know it is not what sge is saying,but if Bosnia had at least a half as good as their neighbour Serbia she would play for Bosnia 100%.It is the same with Melisa Vargas,but slightly different.Melisa had a lot of arguments with Cuban NT not just because she is playing outside the Cuba.Then she had 3 or 2 year ban because of her 'reputation'. For Vargas it would be smarter to play for Turkey ,because there the biggest threat are Boz and Karakurt and she is already for one class better than both of them.In Serbia Tijana Boskovic is just the godess and for my personal opinion the best volleyball player at this moment and Vargas will be just her replacement,that means she will replace Bjelica.I will not comment about your judgment that world are Turkshaters,because that is only thing that people who are not good enough are saying.Then the truth is that Terzic will perhaps get fired ,but that would be bad for club ,not so much for him.He can find replacement in second.I am still thinking how eczacibasi didnt fire Motta.He is terrible .Terzic beats his team with Busa,Sengun ,Erdem,Vargas and Mihajlovic.On other side you have Boskovic,Ogbogu,Thompson,Mirkovic.Marco thinks that Boskovic can beat everyone alone and Terzic knows all Tijana weakness.That is why Eczacibasi lost and it will lose again especially,when Naz came back,because Mirkovic is not on the same level with her. Reply