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POL M: Kubiak and Leon new owners of Verva Warszawa?

I would like to see betting and what will happen if they play against their team :) Reply

CHALLENGE CUP W: Yeşilyurt storm past Alba once again, conquer competition first-time ever

Yeșilyurt make a record in the Challenge Cup, with only 46 points lost in a final game. Actually the away game equals the home game, so Yeșilyurt get the best 2 scores in the history of Challenge Cup finals.
Oppositely Alba Blaj will hold the record for the worst score achieved. Alba Blaj also holds the records for the worst score in a Champions League final (2018, 45 points) and the worst score in a Women's CEV Cup final (2019, 49 points). Reply

Official volleyball rules PART 4: Facilities and equipment - playing area

Why is it important to know the parts and uses of the playing area? Reply