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Lima to Host the 2027 Pan American Games

by WoV
source: NORCECA

In a closely contested decision during the Extraordinary General Assembly, Lima, the capital of Peru, was chosen to host the 2027 Pan American Games. The city secured 28 votes from the member countries of Panam Sports. “We are thrilled with this victory and are committed to providing the best experience possible, backed by the unwavering support of over 33 million Peruvians. Thank you for trusting us,” expressed Renzo Manyari, President of the Peruvian Olympic Committee.

Photo source: NORCECA

The selection follows a two-month bid process, culminating in today’s decision. The assembly began with Lima competing against Asunción, Paraguay. Presentations lasted 40 minutes, featuring videos and messages from key authorities, followed by a question session.

“The city awarded the 2027 Pan American Games with 28 votes is Lima, Peru,” announced Neven Ilic, President of Panam Sports. This marks a significant return for Lima, which successfully hosted the XVIII Pan American Games in 2019.

Ilic praised the transparent process and the friendly competition between the bidding nations. He also commended Paraguay for its ongoing efforts in sports development and encouraged its continued growth. Meanwhile, Manyari emphasized the collective joy and dedication of Peru.

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