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Meet The Next Iteration Of Volleyball: CROSSNET

by WoV

Volleyball has long been a sport that’s evolved with the times. What started in a traditional court eventually found its way to sand beaches and then pools. The next step of evolution? CROSSNET!

It’s one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. At this torrid growth pace, it could end up becoming a sport seen on television and betted on at sportsbooks. Allow us to explain what CROSSNET even is and what’s contributed to its rising popularity:

CROSSNET is not only sold at the company’s website but also at traditional retailers like Walmart and DICK’S Sporting Goods.
Image courtesy of CROSSNET

Combination Of Two Sports

Imagine if volleyball and four-square had a baby — you’d get CROSSNET as a result. Basically, it’s a four-way volleyball game. A t-shaped net is set-up, which creates four mini-squares inside the playing arena.

One player or small team is situated on every square. From here, the game is played under basic volleyball rules: a player (in the fourth square) serves the ball and begins the game. A point is rewarded once a player misplays the ball — either fails to get it over the net or smacks it out of bounds. The game continues until someone reaches 11 points scored when that person wins. 

This is the basic gist of the game. There are other nuances — e.g. the player in the fourth square can earn extra points on eliminations — but it’s a pretty simple game to pick up, which is one of the reasons it’s grown so fast. 

There might be volleyball purists out there that scoff at the idea of integrating four-square elements. However, they should know that the very sport of volleyball itself was made from mish-mashing other sports. Back in 1895, Massachusetts gym teacher William G. Morgan invented volleyball by combining four different sports: basketball, tennis, handball, and baseball. Therefore, CROSSNET uses the same ethos that made volleyball a worldwide sport to begin with.

Access Is The Name Of The Game

For any game to grow as quick as CROSSNET has in recent years — it was founded barely in 2017 — it not only has to be simple, it also has to be accessible to the masses. CROSSNET is a perfect illustration of that.

You see, practically anyone can play the sport. That accounts for age, gender, and general fitness level. Not only that but it can be played anywhere too such as dirt, sand, grass, or indoors. 

Like regular volleyball, CROSSNET can be played in various surfaces and conditions. This versatility has helped the sport grow its popularity quickly. 
Image courtesy of CROSSNET

And unlike a sport such as golf, the playing costs are incredibly low. An adjustable net and volleyball can be bought for around $100. Split that between the four players and you’re looking at a cost of $25 per pop. That’s about what you’d pay for one sit-down meal, little less a game that can be played over and over again like CROSSNET. 

Finding three other players to join in for a game shouldn’t be overly difficult either. Though, a single game could involve more players. A game of CROSSNET can also have players waiting in line. When a player makes a mistake in the game, they’ll be replaced by the next-person up (while the original player goes to the back of the line). 

Getting The “Rub” From USA Volleyball 

This past summer, the company that invented CROSSNET signed a partnership deal with USA Volleyball. With the landmark signing, any thoughts of the new sport “invading” volleyball’s territory were quickly squashed. Volleyball organizations are openly coveting CROSSNET and believe it’s access can raise the entire sport’s popularity. 

Don’t just take our word for it, take USA Volleyball President and CEO Jamie Davis. Upon striking the partnership, he was quoted as saying, “CROSSNET puts a really fun spin on the game we all love. Some of our top national team players have tried it and really enjoyed it. It’s a great way to stay active and play with your friends and family.”

Thanks to the deal, CROSSNET signage will be seen at all of USA Volleyball’s major indoor and beach events through 2024. So get ready because you’re about to hear a lot more about CROSSNET in the years to follow. And who says this sport can’t make its way onto the Olympic scene in the distant future? You just never know.

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