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RUS M: Marlon Muraguti – Kazan should win the Cup

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Dinamo Krasnodar's player Marlon Muraguti gave an interview. He spoke of the Russian league, Cup, their opponents Zenit Kazan, Novosibirsk, Belogorie.


Marlon Muraguti

How is you Russian language advancing Marlon?

When I realized that I will spend the next season in Russia, I bought Russian books at once. I have a huge Russian-Portuguese and Portuguese-Russian dictionary. I have a great teacher here in Russia!

Marlon, who will win the Cup of Russia?

In my opinion, Zenit Kazan should win. They are prepared. Perhaps it would be Novosibirsk, I see this as the final.

What do you think of “Belogorie”?

Belgorod – a good team, but I do not think they can claim victory. That they can prevent Kazan or Novosibirsk.

Russian Super League – the strongest championship in the world?

Yes. I knew, of course about the power of the Russian Championship, when I came here. Russian championship is stronger than the Italian, in which I played a couple of years ago.

This is due to the financial crisis in Italy, and, accordingly, in the Italian volleyball?

Yes, most likely. The best players are leaving the Apennines in search of a better life. It is hard now, yeah.

Is this the case in the Brazilian championship?

Well, no, in Brazil were all right. We have quite a strong championship. In Brazil, there are traditionally a lot of new great players.

Do you like to Krasnodar?

Yes, I really, really like it! Even the cold weather was not very frightening. Although … it is disagreeable to a man accustomed to the tropical climate in his native country.

What is the reason for the high popularity of volleyball in Brazil?

Well, first, it is of course the success of our national team. Second, it is an excellent organization of our club championship.

How did you start playing volleyball?

I started when I was eight years old, left home at thirteen. It was so hard for my mom, she was terribly worried. I was so young, and left my home. At 20, I became a professional player.

And you’ve got a sports family? Mother, father – they played sports?

Yes, my dad was a football player. So all the time I was with the ball. My earliest memories – dad throws me the ball, and I’m trying to catch it.

Marlon, your middle name – Japanese?

Yes, it is the Japanese. My grandfather, my mother’s father – a Japanese. By the way, my third name – Syrian, because my dad was half Syrian.

So you have mixed bloods …

Yes (laughs). You know, for Brazil it is common.

Alekno or Rezende?

Good question. You know, yes, I have had problems with Rezende.

Yes, I know.

So. I do not like to talk about it. I waited too long to play for the national team. Rezende – he is a great coach, who am I to argue with that? But … he’s a very complex person, I can not understand him. He is a politician, but I do not like politics and do not want to participate in the political games. Alekno I do not know much, but he is a great coach, he proved that he is a great coach. At the Olympics, he showed his best side.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love to read. I love books. I read a series about the lives of great men. Indira Gandhi, Louis Armstrong … I love jazz. I love to read coaches’ books. I like to learn something from the people who were outstanding athletes, then became great coaches.

Your teammates in Krasnodar love you.

I also love them all!

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