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CHN M: Savani – Made in China

by WoV
source: Roberto Zucca, iltuovolley.it: Photo: Elena Zanutto

Cristian Savani has left the Italian volleyball. Needless to say, yet another great volleyball player that has left the Serie A for a foreign country. Shanghai was his destination, as well as goods of new China, World of innovation, and power that it’s foundations hold. Cristian will be a big part of a big project, very ambitious if you will. His twelve years in Serie A will be a vehicle for growth of Chinese league and nation hungry for volleyball.


Cristian Savani

”Mihaela and me are very happy to experience this new adventure. When I realized that my time in Macerata was over all I wanted is to go abroad and play in some other country. At first I tried to go to Turkey or Russia, two championships that are now very interesting. But, Russia has some rules changed slightly compared to last season, while Turkey got whole Trentino team and then Shanghai project came up. I felt strong desire to go to China and I accepted the offer.”

How are your first impressions?

”I can only tell you what I saw. First of all we train in a beautiful training center with the national Olympic swimming team and famous runner Liu Xiang. He is currently working with former personal trainer of Kobe Bryant and has only one task of recovering him from serious injury.”

From Macerata to Shanghai. Quite a difference?

”Shanghai is actually very westernized. Life is expensive but the city truly offers the best of the best. Everything I want to do now is live in the moment with Mihaela and Mia.”


Your role with national team at EuroVolley is to be mentor and guide to new Italian forces?

”Team has a new structure, it was rebuilt and started to grow into future. Beretta, Vettori and Piano have the ”heart of a champion” and will be a force to carry out team into future.”

Thank you Cristian, thank you so much for the twelve years of emotions. The star you are, will shine even a thousands of kilometers away from the Italian sky.

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