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Meet Dresdner`s teacher

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On Thursday DRESDNER SC will play for the second time against Rabita BAKU for the prelims of the 2014 CEV DenizBank Volleyball Champions League – Women. There is one player who will be in the spotlight there in Baku and this is namely DRESDNER SC team captain Stefanie Karg, who has been with the team for 10 years and was named its leader in 2009.



Stefanie Karg , a 27-year old middle blocker, is working hard on and off the court as she is trying to complete her academic education so as to become a teacher once she retires from competitive sport. 

She is a unique player due to her style and personality and DRESDNER SC would not be the same without their captain. Karg loves her job and combines ambition with perseverance: “I am living my dream and I am grateful for this opportunity I have. Volleyball is my passion but as you know the end of a career in the sport may come soon” she says.  

She is already working on her second life and laying the foundations for what she will be doing once she stops playing. She started her academic education back in 2006 at the TU Dresden and has been working hard on and off the court trying to combine Volleyball with her studies. “I finished German and pedagogy last summer. I still have another fixe exams to sit next spring and I hope I’ll be done by next April” she explains. 

Maybe this will be the toughest time of the year because the Playoffs of the Bundesliga are set to start in April as well. So she has to be prepared for what may be a few demanding weeks: “It will be a tough challenge but I will resume studying in two weeks and I need to be well prepared for my final examination in April. I have to find a way to handle both duties, on and off the Volleyball court.

Karg knows how to organize her schedule as effectively as possible. DRESDNER SC is busy with three competitions – Bundesliga, national cup and CEV Volleyball Champions League – and the team plays about 50 matches a year. This implies that she is also traveling around for quite many days. “I remember that a couple of years ago we played in Montenegro for the European Cups and we had to spend about seven hours at the airport in Zagreb. I used this time to complete one of my essays. I am not capable of doing nothing as we travel around” she explains.

Karg is very ambitious but she is also very good in organizing her time. “If I would not love my studies and Volleyball equally, I couldn’t have made it so far and so successfully” she adds.

She decided she wants to become a teacher quite some time ago: “I love speaking and I am quite good in explaining things. I also get along with kids really well. I like German and social studies as the items to touch upon. It’s important to have knowledge and a good background in these areas as well.”

Anytime she goes for internships she quickly becomes a star among her students and has to sign many autographs. “As they all use Internet, it does not take that long before they get to know what I am doing besides teaching” she says with a smile.

Even though her studies have prevented her from having a career in the national team, Karg knows what she is working for: “We are playing in three different competitions and therefore I do not have much time for my studies during the winter time; this means that I have to work hard during the summer to compensate for that? And I also feel safe because I know what I am going to do once I stop playing Volleyball.

She shall take up teaching within four years upon completion of her studies. She is still not able to look ahead and say for how long she is still going to play for DRESDNER SC. She will first take on Rabita BAKU on Thursday taking with her the biography of Marcel Reich-Ranicki, a famous publicist and literary critic, so as to use in an intelligent way her time on the way to Azerbaijan. 

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