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POL M: Gosciniak – This team will compete for medals

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Stanislaw Gosciniak spoke of Hubert Wagner and the Polish national team.


Poland team

The X Memorial Hubert Wagner is behind us. Tear in the eye is spun, already so much time has passed?

Exactly, spinning tear, time passes very quickly. Behind us is the tenth memorial. Every year we try to meet with the players who formed the team. Part of them are living abroad and try to arrive. We are pleased that we can get together and watch the matches of our team.

What kind of coach was Hubert Wagner?

It was a time when mass media have used such phrases as ‘executioner’, ‘slavery’. This is not true. Wagner was a colleague, some of us played with him in the Polish national team. Only later he was a coach. He did not have to harass or chase us to work because we knew that with hard work we can achieve a lot. I always say that volleyball is hard work. Training, matches are required by the profession. I always worked to the maximum extent possible, not skip my training and hence the future results.

In a few days begin the Olympic Games in London. You have taken part in the games both as a player and as a coach. Can you mention these sporting events?

In the Olympics I was as a player and as a coach. And also one of the few Poles I was invited by the organizers of the Olympics in Los Angeles. As a player I experienced such an important event completely differently than as a coach. This can not be compared with each other. Today I am pleased that our team has shown a very good side. This fills us all with joy and optimism before the Games.

What do you think the team has changed over the past two years? Polish volleyball players do not have a complex of Brazil, and at key moments retain a cool head.

Much of the players are very young people. Because of this we have several experienced volleyball players. It all really fits together well. In volleyball, nothing happens suddenly. Coaches worked with staff step by step to build the team. We can not say that this is all due to one man, and suddenly a miracle happened. Players learned, matured and therefore played better. This is the natural way in volleyball.

White-red in recent years bring medals from major international events. We can mention the last gold of the World League. Now people look forward to the podium in London. Will such pressures be disastrous for the Polish team?

In my opinion, the team is good, our representatives showed that there is nothing to fear. In the pre-Olympic season the presented themselves wonderfully. You can’t lose your form in volleyball in a few days. Either you have it or not. In my opinion, this team will compete for medals.

Many say that the white and red were lucky that they came in the group stage with weaker opponents. What do you think?

Speaking of weak groups, or powerful does not make sense. The Olympic Games will show only that the teams, which play a better group. Keep in mind that some teams prepared only for this event. Personally, I wish our national team to fight for the medals, because it would be beautiful honoring our sport, volleyball.

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