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POR M: National team workouts in Anadia

by WoV
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The National Team Head Coach, Flavio Gulinelli, presented to FIVB the 22 players list registered to play, which will be downsized to 12 players which will play each 2013 World League matchday.

The athletes called to play will now integrate the National Team workouts at Anadia.

 “It’s good to work at least 4 or five weeks before the first match against Finland”, stated the National Head Coach. “We want to achieve a good result, but the World League is also an excellent way to prepare the team for the 2014 World Championship Qualifiers, being the qualification for the Final Stage our biggest goal”.

The National Team begins its participation in the 24th edition of the World League with three away duels: Finland from May 31 – June 1, Canada (June 7-8) and the Netherlands (June 22-23), finishing the Intercontinental Stage at Guimarães, hosting Japan (June 29 – 30) and South Korea (July 6 -7).

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The elite volleyball it will thus return to the Multiusos of Guimarães, which has been the stage for World League matches: 2002, 2005 and 2012.

The Final Round will be held in Mar del Plata, Argentina, July 17-21, and played by 8 teams: the hosting country, the top three ranked of Pool A and Pool B and also the top ranked of Pool C.
All National Team matches played at home are set to 19h00 and will be live covered by Sport TV.




Date of Birth

Alexandre Ferreira Castellana Grotte, ITA 13.11.1991
André Lopes Chaumont, FRA 12.09.1982
Filipe Pinto SC Espinho 26.02.1991
José Gomes GC Vilacondense 21.10.1994
Idner Martins Hotvolleys Wieden, AUT 19.12.1978
Miguel Rodrigues SL Benfica 12.03.1993
Nuno Pinheiro Tours VB, FRA 31.12.1984
Tiago Violas Wiegel, POL 27.03.1981
José Monteiro SC Espinho 21.10.1991
João José Friedrichshafen, ALE 07.06.1978
Marcel Gil Bottrop, ALE 08.05.1990
Eurico Peixoto Vitória SC 13.05.1981
Carlos Libório SC Caldas 07.07.1990
Rui Santos Chênois, SUI 24.03.1984
Ubirajara Pereira Castelo da Maia GC 25.08.1970
Carlos Fidalgo Vitória SC 16.05.1987
Marco Ferreira Castellana Grotte, ITA 14.10.1987
Valdir Sequeira Aich/Dob, AUT 12.11.1981
Ricardo Alvar AA Espinho 30.08.1990
Ivo Casas Castelo da Maia GC 21.09.1992
João Coelho SL Benfica 24.06.1981
João Magalhães SL Benfica 13.06.1988

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