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CEV: Coaches Commission works on plenty of ideas for the good of Volleyball

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Luxembourg, February 14, 2012. The European Coaches Commission (ECOC) got together yesterday and today in Luxembourg City for the first meeting following the elections that took place this past September in Vienna. The working sessions were chaired by CEV Senior Vice President and ECOC President, Mr. Aleksandar Boricic, who expressed his satisfaction for the positive outcome of the meeting.

CEV Coaches Commission

CEV Coaches Commission

 “Although we were missing two members who could not make it to Luxembourg for prior commitments, all of them are really active and interested in supporting the work of this Commission. Mr. Berruto and Mr. Paananen submitted a couple of good reports we have been going through as we are in the process of getting together and discussing as many ideas as possible” says Mr. Boricic. The Commission has embarked on an ambitious plan to work out a proposal devoted to the international calendar which is currently extremely packed, but much attention will be given also to the interaction with the National Federations. “We will be collecting data from all countries to figure out how many have got a Coaches Commission. For those who still did not create that body, we will be searching for the contacts of the key person that is responsible for coaching affairs” stresses Mr. Boricic. “This is necessary in order to get a better understanding of their activities and to cooperate more closely especially with those who may need our help and assistance”. 

The ECOC will be working a proposal also to standardize the denomination of all junior and youth Volleyball and Beach Volleyball events, while the test promoted by the Balkan Volleyball Association for a pre-youth competition (U15) was also analyzed by the members. “Our aim is also to support the introduction of a European coaches’ license but we still have to work on its concept” says the CEV Senior Vice President. “Moreover, with the creation of some development centers which is foreseen for the near future, we shall be ready to define a strategy whereby we may exploit such hubs to help out the National Federations included in the categories 1 and 2”. 
“We shall take advantage of the knowledge contributed by the members of the group, as we have top coaches there, as well as a good representative for Beach Volleyball, Mr. Ahmann, plus a lady, Svetlana Ilic, who may help us support the role of female Volleyball coaches. Finally, if I have to sum up, our Commission wants to be pro-active and assist all parties whenever this is possible” concludes Mr. Boricic.

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