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ECH M: EuroVolley in numbers

by WoV
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After first phase some players have already made their mark on EuroVolley.

Dries is the best scorer

Dries is the best scorer

For example, Bram Van den Bries is the best scorer, which explains remarkable result of Belgium. Then there is Tsvetan Sokolov, Bulgarian opposite, with most spikes on the competition, while Alen Pajenk from Slovenia leads the category of successful blocks.

Last, but not the least, Dmitry Muserskiy showed his colegues how to serve a ball.

Take a look at lists of seven best players in four different categories.



1. Bram Van den Dries (Belgium) 68

2. Tsvetan Sokolov (Bulgaria) 67

3. Mads Hartmann Ditlevsen (Denmark) 63

4. Bartosz Kurek (Poland) 61

5. Urpo Sivula (Finland) 58

6. Ivan Zaytsev (Italy) 53

7. Aleksandar Atanasijević (Serbia) 52



1. Tsvetan Sokolov (Bulgaria) 57

2. Bram Van den Dries (Belgium) 55

3. Mads Hartmann Ditlevsen (Denmark) 53

4. Urpo Sivula (Finland) 50

5. Bartosz Kurek (Poland) 48

6. Ivan Zaytsev (Italy) 45

7. Emre Batur (Turkey) 45



1. Alen Pajenk (Slovenia) 16

2. Simon Van de Voorde (Belgium) 15

3. Siarhei Busel (Belarus) 14

4. Marcin Mozdzonek (Poland) 13

5. piotr Npwakowski (Poland) 13

6. Konstantin Shumov (Finland) 11

7. Thomas Koelewijn (Netherlands) 11



1. Dmitriy Muserskiy (Russia) 11

2. Mads Hartmann Ditlevsen (Denmark) 8

3. Sam Deroo (Belgium) 7

4. Georg Grozer (Germany) 7

5. Nikolay Pavlov (Russia) 7

6. Aleksandar Atanasijević (Serbia) 7

7. Nikola Kovačević (Serbia) 6


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