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CWCH W: Who will get the last spot? Vakif?

by WoV

There is one more wild card left to be given by FIVB for Club World Championship, one went on to Molico/Ocasco, who will snatch that last sixth spot in Zurich?



First big question that comes up is should Europe get the third place or will one go to some other continent? Vakifbank is probably team who deserves it the most. They are the defending champions and there are very few competitions in the World in any sports where you don’t get to defend your title.

Of course Vakif slowed down a bit after an insane 2012/2013 which was probably the best single season in professional female volleyball ever. Also they only lost in the finals of Champions League and are still in contention for the Turkish championship so it’s a pretty good season isn’t it?

Now we can watch this question from two different angles. One is for sure, does FIVB wants only top teams or do they want to give someone else the oppotunity?


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