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Official volleyball rules PART 17: Structure of play – rotation

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source: fivb.org; photo: volleyballclubsecrets.com

Main rules about volleyball rotation.

volleyball rotation

volleyball rotation


7.6.1 The rotational order is determined by the team’s starting line-up and controlled with the service order and players’ positions throughout the set.

7.6.2 When the receiving team has gained the right to serve, its players rotate one position clock-wise: the player in position 2 rotates to position 1 to serve, the player in position 1 rotates to position 6, etc.


7.7.1 A rotational fault is committed when the SERVICE is not made according to the rotational order. It leads to the following consequences in order: the team is sanctioned with a point and service to the opponent; the players’ rotational order must be rectified. 

7.7.2 Additionally, the scorer should determine the exact moment when the fault was committed, and all points scored subsequently by the team at fault must be cancelled. The opponent’s points remain valid.

If that moment cannot be determined, no point(s) cancellation takes place, and a point and service to the opponent is the only sanction.

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