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WoV on Gloria Cup: Third place belongs to Azeryol

by WoV

Azeryol has beaten Maribor in straight sets and seized the third spot at the Gloria Cup 2015! Azeryol - Maribor 3-0 (25:16, 25:18, 25:9).

Azeryol vs. Maribor

Azeryol vs. Maribor

Bayramova finishes this match – 25:9. Azeryol has won by 3-0!

Ashly Love scores and Azeryol leads 24:9.

Starcevic misses the serve – 23:8.

Bayramova adds a great spike – 21:7.

Blocking works perfectly for Azeryol. Filipova with one more – 20:7.

And then Starcevic spikes into the net – 19:6.

Kurt blocks Starcevic – 18:6.

Azeryol – Maribor 17:5.

Brakocevic blocks Starcevic – 16:3.

But then Brakocevic makes strong kill and Filipova adds a block – 15:3.

Mlakar finally breaks the streak of Azeryol – 13:3.

Bayramova now – 13:2!

Ace by Nikolic – 12:2.

The run of Azeryol is still on – 11:2.

Mlakar spikes the ball into out – 10:2. Time out Maribor. 

Nothing has changed after the break – 9:2 for the Azerbaijani team.

Mlakar hits the antenna – 8:2.

Ace by Nikolic – 7:2 for Azeryol. 

Can’t stop Brakocevic twice – 6:2.

Kaucic blocks Brakocevic – 5:2.

Starcevic brings the first point to Maribor in the 3rd set – 5:1.

Brakocevic returned into the game and just continued scoring – 5:0!

Time out Maribor. 

Ammerman sends the ball into out and is is already 4:0 for the Azerbaijani team.

Azeryol with the great opening – 3:0.

3rd Set


But, Picussa ends it with a strong spike – 25:18! Azeryol leads 2-0 in sets.

Maribor saves two of them – 24:18.

Zhidkova came in instead of Brakocevic and brought plenty of set balls for Azeryol – 24:16.

Poznyak with the block – 22:15. Maribor can’t take a single point in these moments. 

Brakocevic continues the run – 21:15.

Two more points for Azeryol which now has the lead – 20:15. Time out Maribor.

Brakocevic makes it +3, 18:15 for Azeryol. Time out Maribor.

Point on both sides – 17:15.

And Filipova is again excellent at the net – 16:14.

Big block by Filipova – 15:13 fpr Azeryol.

Nikolic with perfect reception and then even better spike – 14:13.

Kaucic blocks Brakocevic and it’s 13 all.

Mlakar has finally set her aim – 12:11 for Azeryol. But, Planinsec touches the net – 13:11.

Starcevic is slowly taking the leader’s role in Slovenian team – 11:10.

Two strong spikes – first Starcevic for Maribor, then Nikolic for Azeryol – 11:9.

Mlakar is not having a good day. She sends the ball way into the out – 10:8.

Filipova returns the lead to Azeryol – 9:8.

Ace by Sobocan – it’s all tied at 8:8.

At the first TTO – Azeryol – Maribor 8:6.

Bayramova blocks Mlakar for the second time in this set – 7:5.

Brakocevic scores, than Mlakar sends the ball out – 6:5 for Azeryol.

Again Starcevic – 5:4 for Maribor.

You can’t defend two spikes of Starcevic in a row – 4:4.

And then ace by Poznyak – 4:3 for Azeryol.

Bayramova blocks Mlakar – 3:3.

Maribor took the opening lead 2:0, but now it is 2:2.

2nd Set


And Azerbaijani uses it! Azeryol – Maribor 25:16!

Ace by Kitipova! Set ball for Azeryol – 24:16.

But another “drop” of Kitipova – 22:15 for Azeryol.

Starcevic knows how to spike the ball – 21:15.

Whoooah – two leg-saves for Azeryol, but the point went to Maribor though – 20:14.

Brakocevic scores another point – 20:12.

Poznyak with the block – 18:10.

Nikolic scores and Azerbaijani team has the lead 16:8. Twice more points!

Smart move by Kitipova who just dropped the ball into rival’s side – 15:8.

But Bayramova started spiking strong – 13:6.

Starcevic scores two points and brings Maribor some life – 12:6.

Bayramova now, Azeryol continues the big streak – 12:4.

Strong service of Brakocevic and Filipova just waited for the ball at the net – 11:4.

Brakocevic is unstoppable – 10:4. Time out Maribor.

Amazing rally which was eneded by a kill of Filipova – 9:4.

Brakocevic with another point, and then Starcevic spikes the ball into out – 8:4 for Azeryol.

Mlakar keeps Slovenian side in the game – 6:4.

Don”t leave Nikolic without block – 5:2.

Mlakar finally scores the first point for Maribor – 4:1.

Ace service! 4zerbaijani side leads 4:0!

Then Brakocevic adds spike+block – 3:0 for Azeryol.

Nikolic opens the game with strong block – 1:0 for Azeryol.

1st Set


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