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BRA M: Deciding game between Sesi-SP and Sada Cruzeiro

by WoV
source: melhordovolei.com.br

Today at 10 am, Sesi-SP plays Sada Cruzeiro, in São Paulo. After losing last game by 3-0, team coach Giovane Gavio counts on the strength of his home crowd. For this duel, the novelty will be the return of middle blocker Sidão, recovered from back pain. Read more volleyball news on worldofvolley.com.



In the first game, Sada played very well. And the strongest point of our team, which has always been the draw, did not work in that game. This week, we trained enough on the mistakes we made there”, said Sidão.

Douglas Cordeiro believes his team can play like in the first duel, when it gave no chance to Sesi. “We presented a very strong game and we managed to win 3-0, which normally is an atypical score in a semifinal. This gives enough confidence for our team, but we have to remember that this is another game and another story. Sesi-SP will come with everything, because it is a game of life or death for them. Anyway, I think if we play like we did in the first game, we have great chances to close this series tomorrow,” said the middle blocker.

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