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BRA M: Marcelo Mendez or Renan Dal Zotto?

by WoV

It seems that not all volleyball people from Brazil support the latest decision of the Brazilian Volleyball Federation.




Bernardo Rezende is no longer the head coach of Brazil men’s national team. He resigned from that position after 16 years, while the Brazilian Volleyball Federation decided to appoint Renan Dal Zotto as the new head coach.

Dal Zotto is a well known volleyball name in Brazil. He had a remarkable player’s career, he was also good as a volleyball coach, but he has not coached any team for some time…

Therefore, some Brazilian volleyball fans are disspointed with their volleyball federation, because they once again ignored currently the top coach in the country – Marcelo Mendez. Sada Cruziero head coach has stated in several occasions that he would like to succeed Bernardo Rezende, however he did not get the call from the Brazilian Volleyball Federation.

Mendez has definitely left a huge mark in volleyball in the past couple of years as he has won numerous trophies with Sada Cruziero.

By the way, Mendez currently leads in the WoV Coach Of The Year Poll, where you can vote for the best volleyball coach in 2016. 


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