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FRA W: Peron – Always a rivalry…

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RC Cannes prepares for a game against ASPTT Mulhouse this Saturday. Sophie Peron spoke of the match, of the Ligue AF and her personal situation. For more latest volleyball news visit worldofvolley.com


Sophie Peron

Sophie, RC Cannes has 18 wins in 18 games in the Ligue AF.

Since the end of the Champions League, we have more time for the championship. We work hard all week in practice and we give our maximum on Saturday. It is cool enough physically. For now, it’s going pretty well.
Communication is not too difficult with so many foreign players?

Foreign players learn French, they have mastered the language a little. There is no problem, there is a great atmosphere in the team. This is really great. It helps us a lot in difficult times.
Despite being fifteen points behind you, this particular match with Mulhouse will be exciting.

– There has always been a rivalry between Cannes and Mulhouse. It is always a game of high tension, as it can be when facing Le Cannet.

Do you fear Mulhouse?

It is feared even if we are confident enough. We want to keep our level of playing highest possible. We will prepare for the game very seriously.
Personally, how do you feel in Cannes?

Awesome. I’m happy to have found a club where the requirement is the key word. Even as a substitute, I have a role to play. I am very satisfied.
The competition is fierce with Chiara Arcangeli who has the confidence of Yan Fang.

She is number 1, I’m number 2, there is no worry. Things are said at the beginning of the year. It’s a healthy competition.
Is not it frustrating to be a replacement?

It is always frustrating, the goal is to play the maximum. But we must also be realistic. I knew I was not going to be the first this year or last year. That does not prevent me from working. I take it very well.
Are you considering a change of scenery in order to find more playing time in another club, perhaps less ambitious than the RC Cannes?

Once you have tasted Cannes it is a little hard to return to the other clubs. I have nothing against these other clubs, I even spent eight years in Calais. But here (in Cannes, ed) I learned a lot, I do not think I would have the same pleasure in another club.

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