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GER M: Heynen – “We have to win a medal in Poland”

by WoV

The head coach of German national team Vital Heynen said that they are ready to take the medal on World Championship, which will be held in Poland.

German NT

German NT

We need to understand and believe that we can have a shot at the medals. In London we were somehow happy with being there and our goal was to make the 1/4 finals. Mentally we had already packed our bags and gone home. We had a similar experience also at the European Championship. That is why after the World Champs qualifier in Ludwigsburg I spoke to the team right in the dressing rooms and told them that in Poland we have to win a medal. If you do not start preparing for this goal – mentally – early enough, you won’t win anything, that’s for sure. If you believe that you stand a chance at winning something, you are already halfway through.


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