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Italy: Copra Elior Piacenza – Lube Banca Marche Macerata 3-1

by WoV
source: legavolley.it

Monti’s team got off to a strong start in a packed arena and their determination to do well and never give up paid off. Mvp: Samuele Papi.



COPRA ELIOR PIACENZA: Marra (L), Sidibé 4, Papi 15, Zhekov 5, Nikolov 16, Kampa 1, Zlatanov 16, Holt 7, Tencati 2. DNP Kral, Massari, De Oliveira, Marretta.
Coach. Monti.

LUBE BANCA MARCHE MACERATA: Lampariello, Pajenk, Savani 7, Exiga (L), Parodi 6, Stankovic 7, Kovar 9, Monopoli, Travica 3, Omrcen 19, Podrascanin 4. DNP Van Walle, Randazzo.
Coach. Giuliani. 


Vladimir Nikolov (Copra Elior Piacenza):I am extremely happy with this win, the most important thing is the victory and the three vital points. We got it thanks to our consistency during the four sets. We have been working a lot on that aspect and finally today our efforts paid off. I am extremely pleased to have beaten one of the strongest teams in the league and have taken the three points”. 

Exiga Jean-Francois (Lube Banca Marche Macerata):During the sets, we managed to build some 3-4 point leads but did not manage to make it count. This was a very important game for Piacenza which had to play at 100%. They have to get many points to stay up. They have great players, I just can’t understand how they ended up in this league position. As for us, we did not play at our usual standard, we did not deserve to win”.

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