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ITA M: Copra Elior PIACENZA – Sir Safety PERUGIA 3:0

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PIACENZA needed just over an hour of play to get rid of PERUGIA and seal the series. PERUGIA tried everything possible but the only set in which it had a chance – the second – eventually went the other way 27-29. Find all relevant news from volleyball world on worldofvolley.com.


Copra Elior PIACENZA

Luca Monti (Coach Copra Elior PIACENZA): “After this victory we’ll need a good easy week to recharge our batteries and be ready to face the semi-final against Macerata or Latina. This game has not been as difficult as the one played Thursday in Perugia in terms of play but more complicated to deal with in terms of psychological approach, even if we did lack consistency”.

Aimone Alletti (Sir Safety PERUGIA): “Piacenza has more experience than us, we lacked the composure to get back on track and recover from bad spells. When Piacenza’s serve and block goes fine, it becomes very difficult. We tried our best, unfortunately it went like this”.

Copra Elior PIACENZA – Sir Safety PERUGIA 3:0 (25-16, 29-27, 25-16)

Copra Elior PIACENZA: Marra (L), Papi 13, Fei 15, Simon 4, Zlatanov 19, Holt 6, Tencati, De Cecco 3. DNP Latelli, Corvetta, Ogurcak, Maruotti, Vettori. Coach. Monti.

Sir Safety PERUGIA: Alletti 1, Van Harskamp, Petric 14, Daldello 1, Giovi (L), Schwarz 10, Tamburo 1, Vujevic 6, Edgar 3, Semenzato 1. DNP Van Rekom, Tomassetti, Pochini. Coach. Kovac.

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