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ITA M: Podrascanin about Michieletto – “He is already one of the best players in Italy”

by WoV
source: mozzartsport.com

Marko Podrascanin, one of the most experienced players in Italy, has said some interesting things for the Serbian media when talking about his teammates Lavia, Michieletto and Pinali.

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All of them were talking that these three players are talented but when you win the European Championship and trophy in Italy then you can’t say they have potential – they have reached the great level and still improving. I am practicing with them each day and I am feeling younger. I’ve extended my career,” says middle blocker with a nickname Potke and adds – “I’ve met Michieletto when I arrived in Trento, he was the third or the fourth receiver. He was entering from the bench and I saw a great talent there. In case you don’t know, he played libero and four years ago he started playing as an outside hitter because he increased height a lot for two years. Now he is 2.11 m tall and he is the tallest in the team with the best at the serve reception. You can’t see this that often. I’ve never experienced that for my 15 years that such a tall player has such a great serve reception. He is one of the best players in Italy.”

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